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Young People Count is a safe place for young people within the Pocklington area to be themselves. We are open to young people aged 11-18 years on Tuesdays – Friday 4pm – 8pm.

The building includes a lounge area where young people can access our resources such as card games, board games, craft activities and a games table. We have a good-sized kitchen where the young people can purchase snacks and drinks from the tuck shop. Our cooking sessions are an excellent opportunity for young people to develop their cooking skills and experiment with flavours, while also participating in fun team challenges. Our members have worked together to shop on a budget and create delicious dishes using surplus food provided by the People's Pantry, Aldi and Co-op. The food created during these sessions is available free of charge to all members of Young People Count. We also provide free juice and water.

With generous support and funding from the Co-op, Young People Count has expanded its facilities to include a technology hub on the upper floor. Our aim is to support young people in learning about technology for enjoyment, wellbeing, education and employment opportunities. We have already started offering new sessions, such as podcast creation, DJ sessions, music production and composition, CV workshops, 3D printing, programming, graphic design and much more. We provide laptops and support from our friendly staff and volunteers to assist young people with their homework, coursework and school projects.

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